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Fast completion of a building in Putian city, Fujian Province

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Zhouxinghe company built constructed a new type of straw building in  the  Meilan village of Putian city, Beigao county, Fujian Province. The main body of the building which covers 838.77 square meters was completed in less than 30 days 

    The same houses built with traditional materials may take one year but Zhouxinghe requires just a little over 20 days. This constitutes a major shake up in the building industry that subverts the conventional methods used in construction. Zhouxinghe’s building materials have (1) no steel reinforcement, (2 ) no bricks, (3) no cement  (4.) no beam, (5) no columns, (6). no stones and (7) no components; meanwhile they are (1) earthquake-proof (2) fireproof (3)waterproof (4) anti-freeze, (5) anti-crack, (6) anti-insect and (7) anti-aging.

Data available shows that Zhouxinghe’s SGC green composite building materials have completely surpassed the national standards in numerous tests achieving major technical breakthroughs in water, fire, earthquake etc resistance, Our products bring together the advantages in all building materials and by this they overcome numerous defects found in traditional materials. For example they do not rust like steel, or get burned at high temperatures. They have better thermal insulation than cement and are lighter than bricks. They do not pollute the environment during manufacturing or construction like other building materials do. They do not break easily as glass or get decayed by water or insects like wood and they don’t easily become damp like gypsum

The development of prefabricated houses must be aligned not only to economic, safety, green and  aesthetic features but must also require a structural adjustment and upgrading of the industry towards the overall improvement in people’s quality of life.

Xinghe green new building materials are used to build villas with focus on ease, comfort, cost-effectiveness and environment friendliness that brings you a brand-new living experience

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