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A 950 square meters villas construction at Changchun

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       Pictured above is a villa built in Jilin, Changchun by Zhouxinghe Company Ltd. The total area of the building is 950 square meters For such a large-span houses , using traditional building materials it will require at more than six months to complete. However Sichuan Zhouxinghe Company used a far more shorter time to finish this building. Most important is Sichuan Furthermore Sichuan Zhouxinghe Company When building produces less construction waste This is a reflection of ecological and environment friendly nature of the SGC building materials 


     Houses built by Sichuan Zhouxinghe Company have their unique characteristics. They don’t require concrete reinforcement, beams, columns, bricks, tiles or structural components. This is a real revolution in the building inductry

     In recent years, China made a commitment to the world to become a low carbon nation. However most of the materials used in traditional construction produce high levels of pollution resulting in different levels of damage. Therefore by using scrap wood, and plant fiber etc for construction, Zhouxinghe making a major ecological contribution to people’s well being.

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