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The Standards institute and Chengdu Xinghe 7-proof Integrated Housing co., Ltd., held a signing cere

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     Glorious flowers in spring and solid fruits in autumn!! On September 16, 2015, Chinese Construction Standard Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd and Chengdu Xinghe 7-Proof Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony for strategic cooperation. Xinghe Company was represented by : Zhou Xinghe the inventor and patent holder of Xinghe building materials, Xian Dongqin the Legal Representative, Wang Fang General Manager and Zhang Qingming Chairman of the Board. The Standard Institute was represented by Liu Chihong the Vice-President, Luo Wenbin the Director of Products, Shi Ding Jie, Deputy Chief Architect and Wang Kai, Deputy Director Projects, Product Section and project manager. Jiang Shuhui the Consulting Project Director for Xinghe Company and the Projects department Head and Leading Products Engineer also attended the signing ceremony.

   Chengdu Xinghe 7-Proof Integrated Housing Co., Ltd Is  a technology-based enterprise that has been long engaged in the scientific research production, sales and technical services of building materials and integrated housing construction technology. The company mainly uses straw, rice straw, sawdust, abandoned crops such as plant fiber powder etc., as raw materials. It has three product business centers namely : Green Environmental Protection Material Science and Technology Research and Development Center, Center for Integrated Industrial Architecture and Municipal EngineeringCenter Project. At present, the company’s products have become part of building construction industry and have been applied in various  fields of municipal engineering. Xinghe products have won 47 national patents and are listed on the National Spark Plan Project, National Environmental Protection Promotion Project, National Double-high-one-optimal Project and National Key New Product. The United Nations gave Xinghe Company an award for its contribution to humanity and its outstanding innovation.

    The Products Standards Institute has a long-standing commitment to the research, promotion and application of new technologies and use of advanced materials and new products. It has the advantage of providing integrated services in technology research and application, product certification, technical consulting and product information and promotion for building products.This has to do with technology research and development needs of Chengdu Xinghe 7-Proof Integrated Housing Co., Ltd which happen to be in line with these services. The development of this cooperation will certainly enhance our friendship for the purposes of mutual benefits.

   Liu Chihong, the Vice-President and Zhou Xinghe of Chengdu 7-Proof Integrated Housing Co. Ltd., each made speach at the signing ceremony which was presided over by Mr Wang Kai Deputy Director of Projects at the Products Standards Institute. Vice-President Liu Chihong emphasized the authority and technical advantages of the Standard Design & Research Institute with regards to specifications, standard design, specialized research, town and country planning, engineering design, building energy efficiency, green architecture, underground civil air defense, software development product certification; and expressed his wish that the two organizations develop good technical cooperation prospects.  He advised the Xinghe Company’s  project team to always seek the highest standards. 

    Both parties agreed to make the promotion of the products and technology of Chengdu Xinghe7-Proof Building Materials Co., their mutual goal while complementing each other's advantages. On one hand, the influence of the Standard Institute in the area of research and application of building materials technology and on the other hand, the experience of Chengdu Xinghe 7-Proof Building Materials Co., in product development and sales can be harnessed to use Xinghe company’s building materials to develop a new type of industry for low carbon ecological buildings; thus creating an integrated platform for cooperation between research institutes and private companies in the area of studies, research production and industrial development. They intend to accelerate scientific and technological achievements and their efficiently convert the new and cutting edge technologies into industrial production while at the same time comprehensively  conducting marketing, publicity  and application of the products.

     The core reason for this contract is to respond to the need to speed up progress in industrial production and technological research development so as to improve the company’s prospects of achieving the industrialization of its products. This will also be the lifeblood of the company’s research and development. By this contract, the Standard Institute can rely on the technical and resource advantages in the industry to provide a speedy feedback to and guide  Chengdu 7-Proof Integrated Housing Co. Ltd. on the demands for industrial and technical progress in order to grab the opportunities available in the market.

     Apart from establishing a bilateral strategic partnership, both sides also signed a contract to take overall responsibility to provide technical services; work towards product certification for urban and rural construction and create a new kind of consultancy at the Standard  Institute on the application of building materials technology.

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