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        Zhouxinghe is the founder of Sichuan Xinghe Building Materials Co. Ltd. and the inventor of SGC green building materials.  Zhouxinghe , a Chinese expert of the 21st  Century who has made outstanding contributions to humanity, is the Chairman of the Sichuan Zhouxinghe Industrial Group. He is  a senior engineer who holds several responsibilities such as the Director of the Professional Committee of the Sichuan New Building Materials Light Wall Materials Stone Association,  Deputy director of the Sichuan New Stone Building Materials Association, Special Researcher at the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee Policy Research Center, Principal Scientist at the  Hong Kong International High-tech Investment and Development Centre, Wood Industry General Manager,   General Manager of the  Chengdu New High Technology Industrial Co., Ltd., and  President China Xinghe Green Building Materials Group.    

        Mr Zhou Xinghe, showed tremendous courage and perseverance during 3 years and 4 months of hardships in order to solve a major technological puzzle that the government spent 2.5 billion of yuans for 30 years researching yet could not solve. For this extraordinary feat, he was honored for his “major scientific and technological breakthrough of the 21st century.”He has also received 34 patents and more than 30 national and international honors 

        Zhou Xinghe’s patented technology has already taken root in more than 20 countries, where the straw building materials technology he invented, are being used to completely replace reinforced concrete or traditional bricks and tiles for construction.

        When a series of earthquakes struck in Beichuan,  Wenchuan, Qingchuan, Pengzhou townships from 2001 to 2003, buildings that were constructed with FGC five-proof green composite materials did not collapse.  Also, during the earthquake (of magnitude 8 on the Ritcher’s Scale) that hit Wenchuan on the 12 of May, 2008, more than a 1000 buildings (built with FGC materials) stood intact, saving the lives of several people.

        In January of 2003, Zhou Xinghe became part of what the State Economic and Trade Commission labeled as “the double-high priority” project which involves the use of new and high technologies in all types of industrial production; and  advanced applicable technologies to transform traditional industries for the optimization key products and technologies.

        In 2005 Zhou Xinghe was received by two presidents and three prime ministers. Among them, the Ethiopian president personally joined him to cut the ribbon for the beginning of  construction projects that used Xinghe Company’s green building materials; and  later conferred on him the “Ethiopian National Award for Outstanding Contribution”

        In 2009, Zhou Xinghe’s  SGC seven-hazards-resistant green composite materials project became included in the United Nations’“Millennium Sunshine Program ”for global implementation. This project is the National “863” Spark Tender Project. The products hold national patents, and have met all national standard approvals. They have passed the national IS09002 quality system certification test and received all kinds of certificates on various occasions.

        In September, 2009 the UN, in view of the immense contribution the transfer of this invention has made to mankind, conferred on Zhou Xinghe “the Award for Outstanding Innovation”

        In March 2010 and February 2012, Zhou Xinghe was invited to accompany the then Vice President of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping to Europe and the United States of America. Xinghe products were classified as part of the National Shooting Star Project, National Project for the Promotion of Environmental Protection, the National Double-High Priority Project and as one of the National Key New Products. In November 2008, the products became part of the United Nations South-South global technology property right exchange promotion projects that were being implemented all over the world.   

        Between 2013 and 2014, Zhou Xinghe’s technical team conducted a comprehensive upgrading of the project and successfully developed the sixth, seventh and eighth generation products

        In March 2015, Mr Zhou Changyi, the Deputy Director of the Materials Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, visited the company premises to inspect, investigate and survey Xinghe building materials for their promotion. In July 2015, the Sichuan Provincial Construction Engineering Quality Test Center conducted an overall compressive strength test of the products. In August 2015, the National Fire Prevention Construction Material Quality Supervision and Inspection Center conducted a comprehensive refractory performance test on Xinghe building materials.

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