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  Usually during the building process, designing the sidelines can improve the look and feel of the building. On the wall surface, certain parts can be designed to stand out or be sunken, forming partens known as lines. Lines are only used for beautiful decorations. Their presence or absence does not affect the usage of the building and there are no specific rules on their size. If they are too big (for example as wide as 10cm),the general structure construction is ready.

  In architectural design however, usually the exterior line is added for deepening the design phase when building the secondary structure. Exterior lines are determined according to the height of the house and the size of the area it covers. If the house is tall and the line is too small, anybody standing below can not see it clearly. If it is too large, considering the cohesive force of the wall body, it may not be safe. So the setup of lines has to be just right.

  Below is line series picture:





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