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        In 2016 Sichuan Zhouxinhe Industrial Group was established, together with Beijing Locomotive Xinghe companys project promotion center,Hubei Locomotive Xinghe Building Materials Company and Shandong Laiwu Locomotive Xinghe Building Materials Company, Beijing Locomotive Xinghe Building Materials Science and Technology Co. Ltd, Sichuan Locomotive Xinghe Industries Co. Ltd., Hubei Locomotive Xinghe New Building Materials Co Ltd, Sichuan Xinghe Building Materials Co. Ltd and other branch offices and factories firmly joined hands.In order to expand the national and foreign markets, upgrade their overall competitiveness, on the basis of reciprocity and mutual benefits and establish a long term strategic partnership,for the mutual compensation of their advantages andthe attainment of win-win objectives. In line with our clientsdemands, our company together with the Head office of Zhouxinghe Industries will provide branch factories across the country to facilitate product delivery,reduce transport cost and save time. The headquarters which is located at the companys technology park of at Jinniu District of Chengdu city in Sichuan province is made of ecological straw modular buildings. It covers an area of more than100, 000 m2 and houses the logistics distribution center, a modern factory and a strong technical force supported by a smart and visionary management team which sets up the  basis for the industrial take off of the company.

        Shicuan Xinghe Building Materials Co. Ltd., which was founded in 1990 by Zhou Xinghe, the patent inventor 25 years ago, is located in the Jinniu District of Chengdu city on No. 527 Jinzhou Road and occupies about 100 acres. The company is mainly involved in the research, development, production, sales and technical services of new SGC building materials.

        Straw, sawdust, plant fiber and other discarded plant parts are the raw materials used by the company to produce all kinds of building materials including: lightweight partition boards, floor slabs, imitations of antiques, doors, bridges and villas among others. There are different equipments, each with a patent right and all the products possess the “the seven-proof capability” This include: fire-proof, water-proof, shock-proof, anti-aging, crack-proof, insect-proof and anti-freezing features. The abbreviation SGC stands for: S (Seven-proof), G (Green), C (Composite Materials).  SGC thus means Seven-proof Green Composite building materials.

       There is no waste (waste water, air and chemicals) discharge through the whole production process. All our products which are environment friendly have won seven national patents and are listed as part of major national strategic projects in China. They have met the requirements of the National Standards Authority and received “product certificate” and “ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification.” They are also part of the United Nation’s South-South Global Technology and Property Rights Exchange Promotion Project.

        The company’s products and technology has also gone global with a 500 million yuans Science and Technology Park under construction in Ethiopia. Our products are exported to Southeast Asia and Africa. In Ethiopia, nine production plants have been successfully constructed and similar cooperation agreements have been reached with Egypt, Vietnam, Russia and other countries. In promoting their use, emphasis is placed on the quality of the products, the company’s corporate image, social responsibility, distribution channels, conditions of usage and the trends in the international market. 

        The company is currently vigorously promoting nationally and globally, its products with special emphasis on product quality, the company’s corporate image, social responsibility, distribution channels, conditions of usage and the trends in the international market.

        The company attaches importance to personnel training, research and development of technology and modern management concepts to ensure the acceleration in innovation. In the face of fierce market competition, the company leadership has adjusted the strategic objectives by  focusing on key customers and markets, collectively solving the company’s development issues through mutual consultations, forcefully propelling  the company’s development, upgrading the management level and boosting the companys competitiveness.

        The company will, according to the requirements of modern enterprise management system, strengthen innovation in management. With product sales as our main guide, the company will invest in research and development, transfer of equipments and technology, technical services combined with a variety of flexible modes of operation to strengthen its market position in order to achieve an annual sales income of more than 100 million yuans. We will build a competitive and an economically strong modern technological company that will become a leader in industrial and economic development.

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