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1990 Founder Zhou Xinghe established the Xinghe Company at Yanting County to carry our research into the manufacturing of straw light wall products.

1993 Xinghe Building Materials Company's head office was established at Mianyang.

1994 The “ 5-proof ” light wall board technology was awarded “ China patent technology exposition gold medal ” .

1994 The “ 5-proof ” light wall board technology was awarded “ China patent technology exposition gold medal ” .

1998 Sichuan Building Materials Company Limited was established in Chengdu city.

1998 The company won the bid for a major scientific and technological achievement for Sichuan Province (on the use of integrated straw technology in the suburbs).

1998 The coolest villa in the world was constructed with no steel bars,no cement, no bricks but completely with FGC straw building materials including the internal and external walls, floor slabs,tiles,doors,windows,ceiling,roman columns,embossments and other internal decorations.The villa is still in Xinghe Company's factory.You are welcome to visit.

1999 Straw building material technology was included in the National “ shooting star ” Planned Project (National Science Development Plan[1999] No.171).

1999 Straw building material technology was included in the Nationnal Environmental Protection Key Promotion Project (Environment and development [1999] No. 185).

2000 the FGC light wall board technology received the“Excellent first-class new product”award from the Sichuan Provincial Government.

2000 Sichuan Provincial Department of Construction approved the light wall board, by issuing a provincial standard (FGC light wall board installation atlas).

2001  The FGC Light wall partition board received the National Key New Product Certificate and the Major Scientific and Technological Achievement Award.

2002  Xinghe Company responded to the call of the Ministry of Science and Technology go abroad, and began to explore the international market.

2003 The company began cooperation with the Ethiopian government and obtained the ISO9001:2000 Quality Authentication Certificate.

2004 Concluded and signed a technology transfer contract with Ethiopia and Sudan and successfully entered the international market.

2005 The first FGC Light wall partition board was produced in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian President Jierma personally cut the ribbon for the commencement of its production. By the end of 2013,11 straw wall board factories out of which 9 are already in production while the remaining 2 are under construction.

2005 The first factory was built in Sudan.

2007 Xinghe company successfully opened a magnesium mine Ethiopia, the first ever heavy oil burning of caustic calcined magnesite project in the world which helped to solve the problem of raw material scarcity. Two other magnesite mines were opened in November 2009.

2007 Ethiopian Prime Minister Melels invited Xinghe Company to invest in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian government gave as a present 150000 square meters of land to Xinghe Company to use for free for 80 years. Xinghe Company decided to invest gradually 500 million yuans which was first used to build a China-Africa Science Park and to establish a branch of Xinghe Company in Ethiopia which started production in 2009.

2008 The second factory was built in Sudan.

2008 FGC straw building technology became the United Nations South-South Cooperation Global Promotion Program.

2008 Xinghe successfully developed embossed decorative external wall boards, floor slabs and hundreds of new products.

2009 Concluded and signed a technology transfer contract with two large Egyptian building materials companies. The contract is currently being implemented.

2009 Xinghe Company at the ad hoc Global Technology and Capital Transfer Forum convened by the United Nations South-South Cooperation Bureau received the United Nations Award for Contribution to Humanity. 

2010 Xinghe Building Materials Co. Ltd., joined the Integrated Buildings Council and began research into integrated buildings.

2012 Sichuan Xinghe Building Materials Co. Ltd., established with two big Chinese Companies, a cooperation which is currently still being implemented.

2013 A special delegation from the Russian President visited the company to inspect the straw building materials technology, The company is currently participating in a low income housing project in Russia.

2013 Xinghe Group established the Chengdu Xinghe SGC Integrated Building Co. Ltd., giving momentum to the integrated building project.

2014 Xinghe Company constructed in Sichuan and other provinces reinforced concrete buildings that were not used.

2015 The Director of the materials department of the National Development and Reform Commission, paid a visit to Xinghe Company.

2015 The Company established a strategic cooperative partnership with the Chinese  Academy of Building Standard Design.

2016 (January) The China Academy of Building Standard Design officially began testing Xinghe Building Company’s Products.

2016 (April) The world’s  first ever plant fiber bridge was built in 45 minutes in Santai town, Mianyan County.

2016 The Sichuan Zhouxinghe Industrial Group Co. Ltd was established.

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