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  1. Definition and classification of new building material industry

  This building material is a new generation of building material produced on the basis of the traditional building materials. New building material industry is an important component in the building industry and is also an emerging industry which represents the new demand of technology development of the building material industry and construction industry.

  Producing and using new building materials and developing new building material industry are the requirements that China’s sustainable development strategy advocates to conserve the energy and land, reduce the resource consumption and protect the ecological environment and are also the inner requirement to promote the development of construction industry and real estate and stimulate consumption to pull domestic demand. Not only can new building materials make all kinds of buildings equipped with safer and more comfortable performance and further meet the requirements of residents’life and industrial manufacture, but also can correspond to the development strategy of China’s energy conservation and environmental protection, which have a good development perspective.

  The scale of new building material has been specifically defined by this industry, that is to say the new building material mainly includes 4 kinds which are new wall material, new waterproof sealing material, new heat preservation and insulation material and decoration and renovation material.

  2. The overall development of new building material is on the rise

  Ⅰ.Supply analysis

  From January to November in 2013, new building material has achieved total industrial output value of RMB 3707.91 billion, up 34.17% from a year earlier. The speed of industrial production growth from January to November in 2013 has increased by 10.83% compared with that from January to November in 2009.

  Ⅱ.Requirement analysis

  From January to November in 2013, new building material has achieved sales revenue RMB 365.166 billion, up 35.21% from a year earlier. The change in the trend of sales revenue is in consistence with the change of total industrial output value.

  From the analysis of supply and demand balance of new building material, it can be seen that on the supply aspect, China’s new building material has acquired rapid growth.

  On the demand aspect, the demand of the downstream industry for new building material has direct influence on the supply and demand for new building material industry. From the domestic aspect, the launch of the policy for building material going to the countryside will increase the demand for building materials in domestic market. On the export sale aspect, under the environment of global economic recovery, the export of new building material will also increase rapidly. It is predicted that the demand for new building material will increase about 30%.

  Ⅲ. Patent application is fiery year after year and the upgrade of the technology of industry is fast.

  On the service platform of patent information (http://search.cnipr.com), by using the key words like “refractory material”, “waterproof material”, and “heat insulation material” respectively to search, the condition about the number of technical patent application for main new building material is acquired: up to the end of 2012, there were 16313 technical patent applications for the 4 kinds of new building material.

  From the time order, it can be seen that the technical patent application for China’s 4 kinds of new building material is increasing rapidly in recent years, from which you can see the technology development is rather fast. From the number of patent applications for different building materials, it can be seen that the number of patent application for refractory material is way ahead with 1500 pieces of patent application in 2012; the second is the heat insulation material and waterproof material with 555 and 463 pieces of patent applications respectively in 2012. Thus it shows that new building material technology is becoming a hot field which has attracted great attention in the development of building material industry day by day.

  IV .The demand of heat preservation materials exceeds supply.

  After the building energy conservation and heat preservation field has experienced “thin plaster system” rapid development, because of their own insufficiency in existence, the gradual transition to “integration system of heat preservation and decoration” has become the consensus in this industry. The appearance of the integration system of exterior wall external heat perseveration decoration has caused a new round of “technical revolution” in exterior wall heat preservation industry in China even in the whole world. It becomes an irreplaceable new generation of high-tech product in this industry with its “energy conservation and environment protection”leading idea, which evokes an anew thinking towards exterior wall heat preservation and energy conservation of old building renovation and new buildings in this industry.

  Now the mainstream mode of exterior wall heat preservation system in China’s most regions is still at the primary stage, namely to respectively purchase and respectively construct heat preservation material and coating, because there are still only a few manufactures who can provide all kinds of exterior wall heat preservation material and all kinds of engineering and construction coating at the same time in the market.

  More and more big customers, especially real estate developers, have started to realize the advantage of “heat preservation decoration integration” on choosing exterior wall heat preservation system, but because the supervision of construction market is rather chaotic and the hidden rules go through and the traditional manual operation mode of heat preservation and coating has not been changed fundamentally, thus the hidden trouble of quality and safety resulted from them can not be thoroughly solved.

  V .Broad prospect of new building material market

  Currently, the development direction orientation of construction industry is environment protection, resource conservation, “sustainable development” and the promotion of comprehensive benefits. Main performance:

  1. Master one “core” and three “principles” in each link (construction, use, maintenance, reconstruction and removal) of full life cycle of building. One “core” means protecting the environment on earth and saving all kinds of resources; three “principles” are resource conservation, reasonable utilization and recycle, namely: (1) save to use all kinds of resources like energy, water resources, building materials and land resources, (2) reusing and recycling of water resources and waste (3) making full use of natural resources.

  2. Applying heat perseveration and insulation material on both inside and outside walls to create healthier and comfortable living and working environment, namely appropriate indoor temperature, non-toxic air environment and sound, light and vibration environment in both indoor and outdoor, etc.

  3. New building material has gradually become the mainstream. In the last 20 years or so, China’s new building industry has developed with the continuous deepening of reform and opening up, which has become an important product category and a new economic growth point in building material industry. The rapid development of economic construction and gradual increasing of people’s living standard provide a good opportunity and broad market for new building material development. Now China has been equipped with the basic environment and market conditions to produce new wall material products. The industry’s large-scale outbreak period is coming.

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